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Not as good as previous versions back...but

Better than the last version! I would like info on lightning strikes and wildfires. And it used to be easier to get information on random locations other than your own or those you've book-marked. But it's definitely an improvement over the last version--which was a step backwards.

Works great

One my top go to apps.

Nathan Aniballi

Great app my go to with lots of layers to check out


I have enjoyed this app for years keep improving

5 * Application

This is my favorite weather application. I’ve tried four other apps, but this is the one I rely on.

Pretty ***** Greedy

I wanted to put a dark background on the radar map and lord and behold,to get a dark background map you have to make in app purchase.Deleting app enjoy the 1.99 you greedy ****.

Great when it works

Good source of radar including type of precipitation - when it works. No radar today.

Awesome app

Really love this app works great and I get my alerts when a bad storm comes my way. Highly recommended.

Gerard Ward

Best weather app there is. Always right on target

I am so glad to see it back

There was a time where this app was my go to app for weather. But it stopped working. So glad it’s back up and working again.

Great App!

I Check this app first thing every morning. We do a lot of boating and I like to see if rain is coming our way. It makes it easy to check the current and long term forecast. Love NOAA and the weather information it gives you. Highly recommend this app!

Great just for the NOAA capability

This is my go to app when bad weather arrives.

Bad change

I had this app for several years, then it started to go wonky. Things stopped working properly, & some things quit all together. After two months of it not working, i emailed them. Two weeks later, i emailed them again, because i hadn't heard back. A month later, i emailed again. Finally, after just over two months, they emailed me back that they were updating the app, & to check back to see when the update would be finished. After another month, i found that the update was available. Almost everything that i had before with this app was now charged for. It was basically useless. I finally got fed up with it & deleted it. Bad changes just weren't worth it.

Accurate app.

For the most part, it's a good app. My only complaint is the future radar, if paying for app you should receive all of the special features, in my opinion. Otherwise great app!! Thanks Bryan

Better than all the NOAA apps

This app is by far the best of all the NOAA apps I've seen! I have all of them. Guess you could say I'm a weather buff! Keep up the great work!

Great app!

Love this app and all its features. The weather can get pretty rocky here in N TX, especially in the spring, and its great for keeping up with all those crazy storms. Highly recommend!

You Need this App

I have all NOAA offerings no use it where ever I go. Plus I can keep up with multiple locations at one time. I love knowing what is going on.

My go to weather app.

The most accurate with the best user interface of many I've used.


This is a very thorough weather app. You are able to do so many things. Type a zip in and you get so many options. I had troubles at first till I contacted help. The CEO was helpful and understanding. It was my fault. I. Was typing in city, State, and zip. Alls you need is the zip and your there. Store up your favorite locations and tap on them to get there. It's a great app.

Great update

Had to remove app because it stopped working after I got my new iPhone. Just downloaded update & I'm back in weather app around hands down!😁

Great Support

While this is a perfect weather map to keep track of local weather conditions, it also lets me stay in touch with other areas of the world where relatives may be living. What really makes this a great weather map is the support and quick response I received upon encountering a crashing of the program after updating to iOS 9.3. Many times we do not think about this until a problem besets us. The response time to fix the issue was fast and friendly. I strongly recommend this well designed program with the quality support when needed. Wow, this new update is great! Faster and more convenient than the previous version. The great part for me is the extended forecast for being able to make plans for traveling as well as other plans. Appreciate the thoughts and design of your well done program. Top of the line weather app by far ! Keep up the good work and thank you for making it more fun and easy to use.

The Update is Great

The newest update solved all the problems and works amazing! Thank you!

cee14win radar

The best radar app around hands down!!!!

Jury is Out

Several weeks ago I reinstalled this app because it stopped responding to the New Locations dialogue. Submitted by email a request for help, a complete description of the problem, and the unique device key with valid email address. Five times. Nothing, no response, no acknowledgement whatsoever. Not a sorry for your inconvenience, sorry we are redesigning the app, sorry it is discontinued. NOTHING. So expect no help from the company when it does stop working and do not believe commitments to help when you should have every expectation of getting it. It currently works. Until it doesn't. And not surprisingly, this review is not displaying. Submitted by: DON'T GET THIS APP

Major upgrade

Has made this app somehow better than it was. By far the best weather app available. Better than the channel and squashes the bug! Try this, you won't be disappointed!!


Very disappointed. Nothing works. It won't update location. And won't let me change any settings.

Great app!!!

Don't waste your money !!! It Used to be a Great weather app, I even payed for the pro version. And this was my go to app , Push notifications don't work anymore, the radar stopped working. I kept trying to email them but haven't gotten one response back. It needs updated and fixed or just pulled from the App Store. Apple needs to pull the plug on apps that are useless, if they don't work for over three months they should pull the plug on them. They also need to have a way for us to report apps that no longer work.

Could again be a fantastic weather app if updated!

My 2013 review: 5-stars, Tons of features and very accurate - best weather app I've seen! 2017 (May) review: All I can get is basic temperature & forecasts, no active weather radar - interactive features no longer work with iOS until the developers update. If it were a free app I would delete, but I keep hoping they will update. This app has been my "go-to" for several years!

Keep away from this app

This was a great app but it stopped working three months ago. I have been trying to contact tech support with no avail. The app comes up but no overlays of any radar or any weather info passed to app anymore. Don't waste your money.

No longer works

Quit working several weeks ago skip it. Will not display radar data. I also see app store does not display recent reviews for this app. Tired of paying for radar apps that quit working all the time n this is second one in past year. Why doesnt app store boot people when their apps no longer work???

Radar doesn't work

The radar on the app hasn't been working for quite some time now. I've sent 2 emails to support with no response. We are in storm season and I need the app to be working. When it works ..this is the best app out there.


I've been using this app for several years. Until a couple years ago the developer was great about responding when it went down. Sometimes there was an outage, sometimes I needed to delete and reinstall. But more recently (past two years), the developer will NOT answer messages. EVER. I have sent some repeatedly, NO ANSWER. My updated recommendation: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP, or ANY OTHER APP from this developer. Service is simply NON EXISTENT!!!

storm cells do not work!!!

I purchased pro option, because of storm cells which really makes this software different from other apps on iOS market, but it does not work


This app worked great. Now stuff isn't working in it. I've emailed you 2 times and haven't heard anything back from you.

For the last week it crashes

I love this app and have used it almost daily until last week. It crashes right after opening. Please fix so I can use it again!

What's going on with this app?

Having trouble with this app today, every time I open the app it shuts down. Please help! I love this app when it works. I am lost with out it.


I've used this APP well over a year. This month it does not display radar and crashes. Please fix this!!!

Crashes with IOS 9.3

Needs an update - cannot function with latest IOS update.


Radar page is crashing, has been for last two days. This is my go to weather app though, so thank you for the service.

Out of date - no support

App hasn't been updated in over a year. No support. I've paid for alert notifications, don't receive them and get no response from support


This is the best app ever! I couldn't figure out at first how to make the radio work, but with assistance from the developer I got it working! I am a certified boater and this app will help me on the open waters! Keep up the great work!

EXCELLENT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I rely on this app more than any other especially in severe weather scenarios. Accurate, actionable, real time data. Storm position, direction and rotation greatly enhances forecasting. The ability to look at other locations and access real time data is invaluable when warning others. Storm position is verifiable by visual means. I HIGHLY recommend this app. Not only is it fun for the enthusiast-It can save lives and property.


I have been using this app for over a year with excellent results. Christmas Eve Day we had the strong possibility of severe storms & the radar wasn't working. I sent message to them; they responded very quickly and the problem was fixed. Thank you for such great customer service!!!!

Please fixes

Please fixes app the forecast not working thanks other wise this is five star app

Great app!

I did my research and LOVE this app! The Austin NOAA radio feed is broken, and if they fix this if give it 5 stars! It literally has everything!

Like the app but need help

How do you Unpin a point

Best weather app yet

Does a lot and not that big a learning curve to access its abilities


My tools bar on the top doesn't show up


Poor amount of instruction. Frustrating. For $2.00 and few choices of features.


This is a piece of crap ever since I downloaded the app update. Does not load half the time and goes to some weird map setting. Use to love it but since the update I hate it. To many bugs have to remove app and download again and again.

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