NOAA Radar Plus App Reviews

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This app worked great. Now stuff isnt working in it. Ive emailed you 2 times and havent heard anything back from you.

storm cells do not work!!!

I purchased pro option, because of storm cells which really makes this software different from other apps on iOS market, but it does not work

Well developed App.

I was looking a long time for a smart app to make my motorbike tours planing easier and more predictable in terms of monitoring of bad weather along the tour. This App is great and gives me all overviews I need to have a safe and efficient biketour. Good value for your money!

Radar plus

This app doesnt work, why? It shut itself after 2 secondes , It just doesnt work...


Its a cool app but I live in B.C. Canada so the maps need to be updated to include very detailed highways secondary roads back roads and logging roads with all bodys is water lakes creeks streams also campsites provincial and non-provincial, P.S. Please add some cool animation, and make it very user friendly

Not work

Just crash on 4s 6.0.1 ;(

It is an okay app

Gives me current radar

Lame app.

Not even close to whats promised... Much, much better weather apps out there. This one is junk. Try IntelicastHD - its the best I have found so far.

Fantastic app!!!

Does exactly what it says with amazing accuracy! I had a tech question in beginning, and was answered within two minutes. Customer support also gets five stars for quick, accurate info. I am in EMS, and strongly recommend to all my brothers in the field. This app will pin point what storm cell is coming at you, direction, how fast, etc. to let you know if you need to PUHA or work on the scene. Bravo again, for this app!


Works great. Up to date and very accurate.


Great apt easy to use

Great weather app

Great app for quick real time weather reports for any thing mother nature may throw at you. Excellent functionality. Jim Boylan.

Radar love

When you want to know what is coming your way NOAA is there to show you today. In fact, right away. Great app for those needing a weather report NOW!

Great app

I love being able to see just whats ahead when Im going to plan a trip!

Always 5 minutes behind

I would give it 5 stars if its maps and radar were up to the minute and showed the future progression of a storm, but it doesnt. Forget trying to get a response from the developers they wont respond to your email. Dont rely on this app if a tornado is coming your way.

Reasonably good

The app lacks a GPS based "current location" so you have to tell it where you are before you get useful info. However, that makes it a little easier to check conditions in other locations (e.g. A destination). Fairly simple to read and good selection of optional data for display. Easily allows you to tap into quality radar sources. For what this is - a weather radar app versus a weather app, it is a reasonably good app.

Best weather app hands down!

A lot of people just dont know how good this app is... but they should! This is simply the most awesome, best weather app! Enough said! Get it and you will like it! :-)

Dont buy this app even if price drop

They lower the price to $.99 but up the in app purchase. Other better radar programs. Dont waste youre money.

Excellent app

Allows you to get radar readings anywhere in country.

Failed 1st Test

Ive only had this app for 12 hours, but it just failed its first test. We have rain in the area, but NOT actually at my house. This app shows a fairly strong area of rain (radar) going right over my house. Wrong. I then checked my favorite radar app, RadarScope, and it shows no rain coming within 35 miles. As far as I can tell, RadarScope is correct and remains my favorite of about a dozen radar apps that Ive now tried. Maybe I shouldnt give up so quickly. Ill keep this one around a while longer, and if my initial assessment proves too harsh, Ill amend my review.

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